A choice of sleet or sun.. a walk around Close Moss

Photograph of Close Moss on Marsden moor Pennine Hike

I had a choice this weekend: go for a long walk around the Marsden Moors on Saturday (forecast: sleet / snow and low cloud on the tops) or Sunday (forecast: sunshine). I went for Saturday, as I’m perverse like that and I fancied a bit o’ weather to get me in the zone for a trip in early February up to Crianlarich.

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Happy Hiking Holidays

Brodie Dog with new Hurtta coat

I had some great walks and longer trips this year and hope to get a bit further afield next year. Brodie is beginning to grumble a bit on longer walks but I got her a nice new Hurtta winter coat to keep her happy in our often-dreich local weather – as seen here in a couple of photos from a … read more >

Marsden Moor National Trust – Meet The Ranger / Spot a Hare / Hike

Marsden Moor National Trust - Hare walk

The morning started slowly, (a nice meal out and yes, maybe a little too much wine and beer the night before) but I was feeling surprisingly (very surprisingly) chipper as Brodie and I got togged up and jumped in the car to drive over to White Moss car park.

The little car park  is on the A635 which traverses the moors between Holmfirth and Greenfield and we were meeting up with whoever else had spotted the ‘Meet The Ranger / spot an elusive Mountain Hare’ walk announcement that had been posted on the Marsden Moor National Trust Facebook page. The clue would be in the word ‘elusive’..

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