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Kit Review – SealSkinz Tait Beanie

As happens sometimes I was approached by a clothing manufacturer to try out some of their kit. In this case it was SealSkinz – which was pretty timely as I was planning a trip to Wales and the weather forecast was looking pretty wet.

I opted to try out one of their fine hats – the Hardwick Beanie. Sadly for me they were out of stock in my size and as we were heading off within a couple of days, I had to make a quick choice to make sure it got delivered in time. So I was a generous partner and Anita found herself a SealSkinz Tait Beanie hat to try out. Pretty much the same hat but (an important point for me) in more of a pink colourway. Nope, not going to be seen sporting that on the hills (I know, I know, I should be more comfortable etc..).

I really liked the colourways of the Hardwick, nice earthy blues. But I don’t go for pinks and purple colour combos. I should say that both hats (in fact all the SealSkinz hats) feature the same materials technology, making them wind and rainproof but still breathable.

Anita was happy and the hat came into its own:
We were up above Cwm Penmachno (North Wales) with low clouds high winds, rain, then drizzle, back to rain.. and she was really comfortable. It was definitely rainproof. If anything, she got too warm at one point as the overall temperature was quite mild on the day she walked with me (it was colder the next day, when I walked further afield to Moel Penamnen). I think the Tait Beanie would really come into its own in lower temperatures, rain or shine.

SealSkinz Beanie Hat Kit Test Wales Hike
Only picture I have of my tester with her hat. Actually there’s a close up pic but as she’s been ill for a few months and is on meds, photography is currently generally forbidden. I was warned.

I did of course try out the hat – just the sheep to see me – and yep it was very comfortable and kept the rain off. The microfleece inner kept my bald head nice and warm too. So I’m going to buy the Hardwick when back in stock. Which is as good a recommendation as you can get I think.

And as an aside, I like the fact that SealSkinz has been around for years, and all the design and much of the manufacturing is in the UK.

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