Kit Review – Grisport Quatro Backpacking boot

I was contacted at the end of the summer by outdoors brand Grisport and asked if I wanted to review a boot from their range. I went for the Grisport Quatro Backpacking Boot: based on the spec, the looks and some online reviews. Now, I’m actually very happy with the Altberg Tethera boots that I have, they’re solid boots that have stood up to anything the moors around me (and more mountainous trips) have thus far thrown at them. But they can almost be a bit too ‘solid’ in summer or autumn and for ‘lighter’ trail walking, feel a little inflexible (which is the point, I know).

So the chance to trial a lighter (but still robust) boot appealed to me. Actually, I weighed each boot and there isn’t that much in it: the Altbergs came in at 810gm and the Grisport Quatro at 750gm .. but they ‘feel’ much lighter. They also have, in my opinion a less rigid heel. But rigid enough that my background-nag Achilles ache in my right heel is kept in check (compared to when I wear hiking shoes / trainers in summer). That’s (obviously) not a technical / lab-based review in terms of actual lab-tested rigidity of the heel or soles.

grisport Quatro backpacking Boots
Close up of the Quatro boots on the recent Ennerdale hike

The fuller spec of the Grisport Quatro boot is:

• Waxed leather upper
• Spotex waterproof and breathable lining
• Vibram rubber sole
• Padded Toe-Joint – the bit that sits across the top of the toes
• Italian waxed leather. I’m not sure what the detail is in Italian versus other leather but this is sold as feature in the marketing literature.

I’ve worn the Quatro boots on three longish walks now, most notably on the recent Ennerdale hike. I like them, they are, to date, a very comfortable wear.
And a particularly wet yomp across the moors above my village tested their waterproof credentials: they passed the test.

Grisport Quatro backpacking Boots
The recent snow helped me test how waterproof the Quatro boots are: here I am on Pule Hill, Marsden (near where I live) .. happy to report dry feet.

The product literature makes a lot of the flexible toe joint and the heal/foot ‘support system’ so it could be that that makes for the comfortable wear. Back to the Altebergs (the only boot I can compare against): both boots have Vibram soles. There’s a couple of mm or so (based on my metal tape measure) difference in the depth of the tread between the Altbergs and the Grisport (the Altbergs being deeper). Which may make a difference in terms of traction on muddier or indeed rocker sections of walks but I can’t quantify that as such.

For the price (about half the price of the Altbergs) I’d judge the Grisport Quatro boot as a good rambling / shorter treks type of boot.

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  1. Used my beautifully constructed Grisport Quatros for the first time this week and I was impressed. However, comfort wise they left me with a blister on my heel which I have put down to not using my best walking socks, just wore old worn ones which are thin on the heel. Still disappointed though but will see how we go when the blister heals. They are quite a rigid boot, great support but feel quite stiff compared to my well worn soft leather upper Berghouse tiling boots.


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