Appleby Cumbria Grand Day Out Walk

The Grand Day Out Cumbria fundraiser – Appleby walk

I headed up to Appleby last Saturday with ‘Butterley Booters’ walking mates Taru, Jenny and Karl to meet (or not, as it happened) other folks taking part in one of the ‘Grand Day Out’ events in Cumbria taking place that day. The initiative was a volunteer run thing, focussed on a county-wide fundraising day on January 16th. There were various fell walks, runs and other bits and bobs happening. All with the intention of raising funds for the Cumbria Community Foundation Flood Appeal, Mountain Rescue and other voluntary rescue services who were active over the recent winter floods.

I’d gone for Appleby as the town to start from as I’d seen some photos of the effects of the flooding on an old college friend’s facebook page. They have been flooded three times now to my knowledge, being close to the River Eden.

As it turned out, we missed the other walkers, getting there late due to a very icy start in Marsden. And I also didn’t meet up with the college compadre, who was tied up (I’m guessing) sorting out all the ongoing flood damage issues they have. Probably (in hindsight) the last thing they needed was me appearing, ‘doing my bit’ but essentially enjoying the countryside, whilst they had plenty of other things to attend to. That all said though, our taking part helped towards the £20,000+ that was raised across Cumbria on the day, so that’s gratifying.

Below are my limited photos from the day: we had great weather on the walk itself, a circular from Appleby to Dufton and back.

Appleby Cumbria Grand Day Out Walk
One of the more distant but still imposing peaks seen on the walk: what I think was Pen Y Ghent?

Appleby Cumbria Grand Day Out Walk Appleby Cumbria Grand Day Out Walk Appleby Cumbria Grand Day Out Walk

The walk had been pulled I think from Walking World but it was incorrectly marked (on the WW website) as 6 miles or so, it was actually 9.5 miles (I tracked it with Viewranger). Not that that mattered to us, as it was pretty leisurely hike with no real ascents and great views (the hills around us looking beautiful in the snow).

And the distance was about right for Brodie Dog, old girl that she is. She’s finding stiles trickier nowadays, they’re mostly not made for the less agile older hound and some undignified lifting over was required.

The only ‘dodgy’ part of the day was the snow that came down quickly as we left Appleby in the late afternoon and headed for the M6. It wasn’t a white out but did mean some careful driving 😉

Appleby (obvious flood damage aside) is a lovely town, the folks we met on the walk and in the town were very welcoming (one arsey farm dog aside). And special thanks to the Crown and Cushion for letting our two muddy dogs in, it was great way to end the day.


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