Mikron Theatre hike to YHA Haworth

Mikron Theatre fundraiser 2 day hike to YHA Haworth

Last weekend I spent a couple of days with some friends hiking across to YHA Haworth. This was by way of raising funds for Mikron Theatre Company (there’s a connection this year to the YHA).

A bit about Mikron Theatre Company

I’m a Trustee for the excellent touring theatre company that is Mikron. We were looking at raising money for Mikron by hiking for two days from the ‘head office’ in Marsden, across the moors to Haworth (YHA Haworth) to see a show.

One of the two shows being toured this year is all about the YHA. So it seemed appropriate that five of the Mikron trustee / marketing / creative team (plus Scout the dog) met at Marsden Mechanics Institute (where the Mikron office is) and walked to the show venue. That’s twenty-six miles split over two days, where we watched the show then stayed the night at the hostel.

Mikron Theatre Company at YHA Haworth
The show – Best Foot Forward – at YHA Haworth. Great show, great weather and a great crowd.

We raised over £4500 (and counting) of online and offline donations – the generosity of Mikron supporters across the country has been amazing. The big focus was on the fact that much of the company’s tour itinerary each year involves narrowboat Tyseley. And Tyseley need emergency maintenance.

We have been in operation for 46 years, which is ‘nowt’ compared to Tyseley herself, built in 1936. Her age means that sometimes some TLC is needed. Or, as happened in early May, very drastic care is required after her engine seized. This couldn’t have been foreseen by the team according the engineer’s report. A full engine repair and refurb costs around £10K (!) : so our fundraising walk swung into action.

I haven’t put the JustGiving link on here as it ‘retires’ at the end of May or so.. and this post may be read for years to come (it’s the web, innit). But you can follow the Mikron website link to pledge any support to keep the boat and company going if you wanted to (and thanks).

The hike to YHA Haworth

I had planned our route (see below) and the two days walking did cover some roads but it was brilliant that much of it avoided anything more than a B road. We mostly traversed wide open moorland, farmland and walked through lovely hamlets and villages.

Yorkshire, you looked blooming beautiful.

We had some great views not least of which were at the three trig points we walked past (see film, below).

Our Rights Of Way path networks in this country are something we maybe take for granted. The often ancient greenroads, snickets, lanes, paths, tracks, bridleways we used were really interesting to walk.

Daisy-chaining paths together on a map, reading the local features and contours before the walk, then seeing them in reality was a lovely thing. Pretty much all the paths that we used were well maintained. Well done all the local individuals, groups, councils, volunteers etc who no doubt look after their patch with passion.

Here is the route we took on each day:

Day 1: Marsden to Luddenden Foot

Mikron Theatre YHA Haworth viewranger map


Day 2: Luddenden Foot to YHA Haworth

Mikron Theatre YHA Haworth viewranger map


Finally, I made a film of the two days hiking. Shot on a GoPro and sometimes in high winds, so the sound isn’t too crisp. But you’ll get a feel for the beauty of the countryside we hiked through and the ‘warmth’ of a Mikron show.

Thanks to:
– All of Mikron’s supporters who donated online and offline.
– The cast ( ) for a great show (again).
– Tom (hike compadre Bob’s dad). We had a great take away Indian meal and wine at Tom’s. That’s the kind of stop-over you want.
– the weather (we missed the rain that we could see in the distance on a few occasions)
Pete (Mikron Producer) who picked us up from Haworth after our stay overnight.

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  1. Wow! What an adventure! A massive achievement! Your trail is full of lovey historical places. Well done for completing it and raising funds for the Mikron Theatre Company too. Congratulations! #Outdoorbloggers


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