Greenfield Marsden Hike

An old mates meander – Greenfield to Marsden

There’s a saying something like ‘life is what happens when you’re making plans.’ (John Lennon?)

For my walking compadres and I this weekend, life certainly happened whilst we weren’t looking. It snuck up and whisked away lots of years from us.

You might know that feeling too?


How could this be the first hike out together in around 22 years?

I have known Karl, David and Tim for about 28 years in all. We met via playgroup, the young dads of the village.

Tim’s fast approaching Big Six Zero (he wasn’t that young a dad, we’re all MUCH younger..) was the catalyst for us to get the train to Greenfield then meander back to Marsden.

Greenfield Marsden Hike mates
Me, David, Karl, Tim – all looking as youthful as we did 28 years back. Hmm. Camera-shy Pete took the picture.

Tim has a busy mind and likes to get out on the hills to slow down and hang out with nature. I’ll second that philosophy.

I’d forgotten quite how busy his mind is though and the continuous stream of consciousness was more tiring than the walk itself 🙂 I told him that a couple of times and his grin and a couple of swears told me what he thought of my observation.

Greenfield Marsden Hike
Near Greenfield and heading towards Uppermill – a lovely stretch of the cut.
Greenfield Marsden Hike Diggle
Old mill buildings along the canal in Diggle. It’s a great section of towpath with lots to see.
Greenfield Marsden Hike Diggle Edge
On the Oldham Way outside Diggle with Diggle Edge above us.
Greenfield Marsden Hike
On the Oldham Way heading uphill towards the Standedge cutting.
Greenfield Marsden Hike Oldham Way
The abandoned house near Will Clough. Now with added cattle. Which made me want to walk faster and Tim to slow down, to regale them with tales. And a bit of dancing.

Tim caught me out though: at one point I wanted to press on after a quick stop near Redbrook Res (we were with striking distance of a promised pint). But Tim admonished me: ‘ lets just sit and enjoy nature’.. this from the man who had chatted about 3 things at once, non-stop, for the previous 3 hours 🙂

His birthday walk, his rules. Quite right too.

Greenfield Marsden Hike Redbrook reservoir
Sitting at Redbrook Res for a few minutes, Pule Hill in front of us.

I have walked back home from Greenfield before. But that was via the long way– up the Chew valley and over to Black Hill then Wessenden. This was a shorter route at 6.3 or so miles. Still a good leg stretching jaunt though. And nicely hot – the sun was with us all the way.

The walk back from Greenfield was towpath (Huddersfield Narrow) for half of the route then up on to the Oldham Way and crossing into Yorkshire at the Standedge cutting (although it’s ‘Old Yorkshire’ all the way – check it out, history fans)

It’s a great walk with a couple of coffee / snack / ice cream break options on the way. And beer stops too. We didn’t have a birthday beer until we were back near Marsden though.

We joked the walk was like an episode from Last of The Summer Wine. Old mates arsing about in the Yorkshire countryside. We didn’t find any karts or bicycles to race down a farmer’s field but we did find some old anecdotes and unearthed previous trip stories.

And remembered other’s names, result. That won’t last for ever but at least with this blog I’ll have a fighting chance.

Greenfield Marsden Hike Pule Hill
Heading down hill to Marsden after a cheeky pint at the Carriage House. Tim telling me how much he loves the profile of Pule Hill. I concur, sir.

I’m writing this post through my cheery chappy filter.. my default state of melancholic bewilderment at the rushing of life has been rightly subdued by the strength of old friendships.

A great day out.

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