Warkworth beach boat wreck

The dodgy achilles limp-along post..

A recent ultrasound provided me with a new label to add to the middle-aged collection of ailment badges.

Achilles Tendinopathy.

So that’s what the painful bulge on the back of my ankle was.

The pain is exacerbated by the off-piste moors yomps I love with the dog. And hilly / mountain hikes (I ignored the signs over the last year or more, doh). And the stop: start driving on the M62.

So all the above are being avoided where at all possible.

I don’t miss the M62, I do miss the moors and mountains.

It’ll improve (hopefully) in 3+ months and with:

some eccentric calf exercises (what a great term)
– regular elevation (foot on table), TV remote / cuppa / beer in hand.
– regular ice packs / Aldi frozen peas bag.
– regular flat walks (The local towpath).

So there are no ‘big walks’ write ups of late but here’s what I have been up to since the last blog post, in my world of walks:

Walkers Are Welcome 2017 conference

I went to the national Walkers Area Welcome 2017 conference in Hebden Bridge, along with some of the other Marsden committee. The day sparked ideas on how to do more to promote walks in our area. There were some great talks, not least of which were two by Japanese guests at the event. And a great talk by Kate Ashbrook (patron). Her write up of the day can be found here.

The Marsden contingent had a great time (and a great evening ‘do’ too, thanks O’Hooley and Tidow .. and local ales).

Marsden Walkers Are Welcome committee
The Marsden Massive (okay, WAW Committee, in part: me, Jenny, Taru and Jo).
National Walkers Area Welcome event
Some shots from the conference day.
O'Hooley and Tidow at Hebden Bridge
A blurry (the phone not just from the beer) combo of O’Hooley and Tidow – a real catch for WAW.

A coastal meander from Amble to Warkworth

Anita and I spent a couple of days up in Amble, to catch one of Mikron Theatre Company‘s shows (In at The Deep End) – all about the RNLI. There had been a few shows actually held in lifeboat houses around the country but we hadn’t got to any, so Amble was a bit of a drive but well-worth catching the show there. I didn’t know this part of the Northumberland coast but we both loved it (as did Brodie, who stayed with us in the dog-friendly Amble Harbour Guesthouse).

The walk between Amble and Warkworth is 1.6 miles but with some additional mooching along the estuary and then the beach near Warkworth, we did about a 6 mile return jaunt. Just about right for my dodgy achilles.

I regretted leaving my DSLR behind with its ‘big lens’. I only grabbed some phone shots of what was an abundance of bird life, there was loads to see. We didn’t spot the seals or dolphins that had been seen a few days before, but you can’t have it all.

Excellent theatre and abundant wildlife. And Fish and Chips two nights running. And friendly pubs selling great beer. Result. Cheers, Amble and Warkworth.

Amble Warkworth coastline walk
The Amble to Warkworth estuary and Amble harbour itself gives you lots of seaboard action.
Warkworth beach boat wreck
A wreck (I think) on Warkworth beach
Amble estuary boats
Amble estuary boats and some [not sure what] seabirds flying over.
Mikron Theatre Company RNLI show
Mikron Theatre Company performing In At The Deep End – the story of the RNLI – at Amble lifeboat station. Great show, great cast and a great audience. I’m a trustee so a tad biased . But it was. You should see them.

Mooching, not quite on the moors.

I’m constrained to shorter and less precipitous or off-piste walks but I’m lucky in that where I live is surrounded by decent hills (if you keep off the actual moorland your ankles fare better). And the village itself has a canal running through it for towpath walks.

Brodie is now 14 and she now demonstrably prefers the shorter mooches. And Anita prefers a hill to a mountain, so we’re walking more together. Every cloud and all that 🙂

Walk around Pule Hill
A walk alongside then up Pule Hill – via the northern, less steep approach.


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  1. Sounds painful! Hopefully with a bit of rest you will be back and undertaking more hiking adventures before you know it. I know what it’s like when an injury gets in the way of a passion – gutting!

    • Thanks Gavin. Yes it’s frustrating but hopefully all good for spring! That’s a great summary of Snowdon hikes on your blog, btw, lots of info for those considering a jaunt up 🙂


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