Fjordland National Park

First-time tips for tackling the great outdoors

I get a lot of approaches from PR and / or Search Engine Optimisation / content agencies, looking to boost traffic to their client’s website with improved search engine visibility. Or to add credence to a new product launch with reviews from outdoorsy folks.

Sometimes they’d like a paid article insertion (I don’t do them), or ask me to review of a piece of kit (I sometimes but not always do those) or get a quote or bit of advice to add to a wider article they are writing.

It was the latter in this case, a friendly approach from Alex from Indago Digital in Sydney, looking for some quotes from outdoor bloggers / instagrammers around the topic: “what advice would you give your younger self if you were exploring the great outdoors for the first time?”

Indago Digital’s client is Hollyford Track, a guided walks business, located in the Hollyford Valley in New Zealand and within the boundary of New Zealand’s largest national park – Fiordland National Park.

It looks like a beautiful part of the world and New Zealand is actually on my (growing) bucket list.

Anyway, here is my contribution to first time tips for conquering the outdoors and those from some other outdoors guys. There are great tips in the article, applicable to any part of the world. Have a read.

Photo credit under Creative Commons Public Domain licence : Cleddau Valley. Fiordland National Park.NZ by Bernard Spragg

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