Mam Tor ridge before Lose Hill

Edale and Mam Tor jaunt

I had a Misty Mam Tor Hop, with the hound as part of my occasional ‘dad and lad’ van trips.  This was 10 miles ish of a mooch from Edale, up and along Rushup Edge and then onto a busy Mam Tor and along the ridge before descending back to Edale and into the Old Nags Head to dry out. And eat. And have a beer or two.

I enjoy these occasional campervan mini adventures with Jasper, he’s a great walking and van buddy. He’s also thankfully great in the pub and loves being under the table for a post-walk snooze (and catching the odd stray chip of course).

We settled back in the van about 9pm, only for some fireworks to go off somewhere near us in the village. Which didn’t impress Jasper one bit. So back to the pub we went, for the cocooning noise of background chatter and the buffer of stone walls where he could relax again. And I could have another couple of beers. Every cloud on this misty day..

I stayed at newfold farm campsite, friendly folk and a level pitch for the van. Recommended.

Some photos from the (misty) day. My Achilles was aching (again) for much of the walk, to the point where I stopped before I got to Lose Hill and the sharp incline there. We’d had a great walk up to that point in any case.

Note the photos below are in reverse order of being taken, so from looking back to Lose Hill, along the ridge, then Rushup Edge, below the edge from Edale and part of the Pennine Way. I realised I had batch uploaded them in reverse time stamp order, ah well!

The word of the day was Atmospheric.

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