Allt na h-Uamha hike

A Dalwhinnie walking weekend

A trip to Scotland in early February can be risky in terms of decent weather for walking and that was the case when I stayed near Dalwhinnie for a walking weekend with my mates. Plans had been made based on one of the days being a hike (in my case) or a climb (for most of the others) up and around Creag Meagaidh. Which I was looking forward to.

It’s a Munro I haven’t been on before but some research on blogs and YouTube (not least of which is a great bit of film from Muriel Grey from a few years back on ‘The Munro Show‘.) suggested that it would be a great walk.

Alas, high winds and snow / sleet put paid to that, it would have been both a slog  for me; with head down the whole way up and down, and dangerous for the other guys, even with the winter kit they had for climbing.

Some interesting (read: technical and beyond my ability) climbing did ensue, whilst I and friend Jeff stayed in the hills or glens rather than on any ridges.

It was still a great weekend as always, with days out in nature and evenings of communal cooking and lots of banter.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

Dalwhinnie mountain hut
We’re staying at Raeburn Mountaineering Hut for the weekend. I spotted a book on the hut’s bookshelves by Ian Macpherson, a Scottish writer who lived here with his wife in the mid 1930s. They called the cottage Halfway House. There is a small pine woodland wrapped around the place now, not so in the 1930s by the looks of it.
Dalwhinnie mountain walking hut
One of the evenings back at the ranch after a day out on the widdy, sleety tops and ridges. This will be much the same scene in a few short years when we sit around in our local care home.
Loch Caoldair erratic
I was taken with this erratic, high above Loch Caoldair. Not Jeff in the distance, the rock in the middle (ha ha). There was around 2.5 metres showing above ground and it was home to lots of #crabseyelichen lichen. It had something of the menhir about it and I went out of my way to say hello, funny how isolated stones can do that.
Loch Caoldair hike scenery
Walking along to Loch Caoldair: Jeff as my walk buddy and Richard (right) meeting us on his way back from a run in the area. Richard was wearing one of the hats from his wool hat range (at Which he DID NOT give me a sample of. If he had, I’d have taken a better photo of it and added a proper link 😉
Allt na h-Uamha winter walk
Our second day was equally as dreich, as we walked up and alongside Allt na h-Uamha through the forest. To the point where gale and horizontal sleet sent us back down. Some of the gang are more claggy snowy ridge curious so carried on up.
Allt na h-Uamha walk
The waterfalls at Allt na h-Uamha as you enter the forest are impressive. I didn’t get a great photo so here is jeff and I heading out of the forest cover into gale-force wind.


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