Yorkshire 3 Peaks 2013 for Simon On The Streets

Ingleborough top

I wasn’t planning to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks this year but I attended a briefing session this week with Simon On The Streets* and before the meet I had a look on the site and realised they were planning a fundraising challenge.
They have a team doing the Yorkshire  3 Peaks on 31st May, so not that long to prep – but I’ve signed up and I’m planning to get fitter by then (says me, having a beer or  3 too many on Friday and Saturday night, doh).

I’ve taken part in the Y3P twice now (see links below) and actually this time it seems more daunting, if anything. When you have a good idea where the long trudges will be, where the steep climbs mean you have to dig in, where The Bog is.. well, it’s definitely as much as mental as physical challenge this time around!
I’m just hoping for some suggestion of good weather 😉

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Fog, Bog and Slog – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Hike

Coming off Whernside - Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Well, the Yorkshire 3 peaks was a game of 2 halves for  sure. The morning, starting at Horton in Ribblesdale at 6.30 a.m (actually, starting at 3.30 a.m at home) was shrouded in misty fog (one above mist but just below thick fog if you know what I mean) and … Keep reading >

Heading up the Yorkshire 3 Peaks – I may be sometime..

I’ll be on the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge when this post is published (Saturday 8th September) and then straight off the next day to help Mikron Theatre company break a narrowboat record (40 hours boating non-stop on a specific section of the waterways, blimey.) So no post-challenge write-up for a while but hopefully … Keep reading >

Training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (for @simonotstreets) – along The Pennine Way / Oldham Way

I’ve had a couple of trips away of late, so this weekend I was determined to get out and get moving in prep for the upcoming Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge I’m doing (raising money for homeless charity Simon On The Streets). Saturday looked like the best day so that was the plan. … Keep reading >

Back on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge for @simonotstreets

I’m going to be doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge later this year – raising money for Simon On The Streets and this post isn’t so much about fund-raising .. I’ll be on that soon enough 🙂 .. but more a prompt for me to get fitter (e.g now I’ve publicly committed to it!). Saturday 8th … Keep reading >

Out on a walk – the geek edition

So, I’ve decided that before I attempt the national 3 peaks I need to make sure I can find my way up and down them. Obviously paper maps are a must – actually, learning to read one properly is a must also – but I’m a geek so I also … Keep reading >