Legging it along the canal – a towpath Hike

Mikron Theatre narrowboat Tyseley in Stourport
Tyseley in Stourport Basins

Okay, the title is a bit of a pun in that there wasn’t any actual legging involved on a recent trip along part of Staffordshire and Worcestershire and Shropshire canals. But I did do a lot (really, a lot) of walking over the 3 days we spent moving the Mikron Theatre narrowboat Tyselsey, from Stourport Basins up to Gnosall. I’m on the council of management for the theatre company and mostly I offer woolly advice about marketing but sometimes I’m actually useful and help move the boat when the touring actors (who are also the crew) have to use the van to get to some venues.

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We Built This Valley on Rock and Toil

I’m a bit of geek (and also the writer of bad blog post titles – as above) and I work in the (relatively) new industry of digital marketing. (social media to my granddad would have been a shared newspaper). Apart from some tweets, Facebook updates, reading some blogs and reading wired.com ; I’ve had a break from new technology over the holiday season. A couple … read more >