Last day of the Ridgeway Trail Hike: Wendover to Ivinghoe Beacon

Ridgeway Trail Ivinghoe Beacon hike walk hiking

Last Saturday I completed the last 12 miles of the Ridgeway (actually, 14 or so by my reckoning, when I count some off-track wandering in the Chiltern woods). A day I’d been looking forward to for a couple or three reasons:

– it marked the end of the trail (if you go with The Ridgeway being up to Ivinghoe Beacon and not the whole ‘Greater Ridgeway’ that stretches 363 miles from Dorset to Norfolk). It’s always nice to tick a goal off a list and all that.

– the day started in Wendover, my old home town. Well, Halton RAF base next door was the actual location of the ten or so houses we lived in over the years – but Wendover is definitely more of home-town shaped location.

– most importantly, I was hooking up with my daughter Lian at Tring, around the 9 mile mark, so she could escort her old man up to the beacon (which is the site of an iron age fort).

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Walkers Are Welcome path survey in Marsden

I’ve been helping out on the Walkers Are Welcome initiative, by surveying a little patch of England near to me, to check that all the paths, stiles, gates and access points are as they should be. I didn’t get a sheriffs badge but I did get a nice big map. And a sense of community spirit. The map I was allocated covered … read more >

More a walk than a Hike – I wandered lonely, as no cloud computing

This was definitely a walk with a small ‘w’ not a Walk or even a Hike – This weekend was meant to include a day up Scafell Pike but that was postponed so I could attend the management meeting for Mikron Theatre Company. So to keep my hand in (and my vague sense of healthiness up) I did an early … read more >