Dog and I do The Marsden /@lauracranetrust 10 mile challenge

Mountain runner friend Steve asked me on Friday night if I fancied doing the Marsden 10 mile challenge on the Sunday. I took a sip of my Guiness and asked “running?”. “No, there’s a walking part to it, two groups”.. phew. As it turned out it there were about 10 runners and 50 or so walkers/hikers and the entrance fee on the day when Brodie Dog and I turned up was £12. Money well spent as the main charity was the Laura Crane Trust. Which looks to be a great cause.

There are a couple of particular charities I support but this was a local event, I needed to stretch my legs for sure and .. it’s a great cause. Why wouldn’t I take part?

Well, other than the stress of trying to finish a load of work on a Sunday for my fledgling freelance/consultant business.
But (and one of the reasons for this post) .. it was a reminder for me about making time to clear your head and get some exercise. No point working all hours if you (by that I mean me) keel over prematurely due to pesky high blood pressure. And getting out of the house for those 3 hours (in semi sunshine – yay) gave me some objective thinking time and a clearer head to finish some work I had been staring at for a while before hand.

Anyway, the course itself took in mostly moors / farmland (see pics below of one well-wisher) but also some road. A nice mix although the motorbikes roaring up and down the Wessenden Head Road were not the dog’s cup of tea.
I know one side of the course really well (The Wessenden Valley side) but I don’t think I’ve ever gone around the other side of the course so that was good, seeing a new part of the area.

Marsden 10 mile challange
Marsden 10 mile challenge – map courtesy of ( )

I’d noticed when we registered that the average time to complete for walkers was just over three and half hours. So I set myself the goal of keeping some  sort of pace up and beating that time. Which I did with a finish time of three hours and five minutes.
It wasn’t a race (though the running part was I guess?) but it was good to push myself. We still had time to take some quick photos and even have a snack break (Dog insisted).

Some photos from the day:

Mountain Rescue land Rover
The Mountain rescue guys were on hand at different parts of the challenge
Old gate post
An old gate post, another nearby. This was about the 4 mile mark I think.
No actual dry stone walls around it. These kind of things always interest me.. large gate posts for what was one a boundary / enclosure. Quite grand and the farmer or land owner was probably pretty chuffed. Now everything else has gone but the posts remain.

Pig near Wessenden Head Road

Cock Crowing Stone
Cock Crowing Stone — because it says so. Been there for years, on Wessenden Head Road. Not sure what the historical / artistic / vandalism origin is .. and nor it seems does Goggle.
Brodie Dog with Medal
And the winner is… Brodie Dog with Medal at the finish line. Proud or a bit fed up I dressed her up? you decide. She was as enigmatic as ever.

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