Looking back from Black Hill

Halfwayhike Hike photo Marsden GoPro photo

A look back at 2014 walks:

I was stood in the dark at a festively decorated Black Hill trig point with some of my outdoorsy compadres and reflecting on my year of walks. This was last night, the Friday night before Christmas and some of the assembled group had run up from Marsden (they’re addled like that). Jeff, Mac, Steve and I had walked, the plan being to rendezvous with those tapped runners for some festive fare and bonhomie.

It had been a bit of a slog from the Isle Of Skye Road up to Black Hill, with low cloud, driving rain and strong wind. And the ever-slippy Pennine Way flagstones to add to the fun. Once at the top, I couldn’t actually see much from Black Hill itself (Stars, distant Holmfirth and Huddersfield all temporarily obscured by cloud and rain). But that was okay, the focus was on the merriment around me.

Carol singing on Black Hill
Martyn, Andy and Ali carol singing with gusto above the roaring wind.

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Featured in the @FieldandTrekuk nominated Top UK Walks

Eastergate Marsden Moors

Looking Over Castleshaw Reservoirs

I took part in the recent Field & Trek recommended walks feature – where they asked various UK outdoors bloggers to nominate their favourite walk / hike. Not that easy to do, as a few of us said in our responses.

There’s some great walks in there (well, all of them by the looks of it) – seventeen have been featured. Some from blogs I already read and some new ones too which is cool.

After some deliberation I went for one of the loops I like to do around the Marsden Moors. Here’s what I said:

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The Marsden 10 Mile Challenge Hike

Marsden 10 mile challange

Hot on the (blistered) heels of The Ridgeway trail hike, I did a shortish walk this weekend with friends Taru and Jenny.

Walkers Hikers Caution Sign
Caution Walkers! (Jenny and Taru interpreting an ambiguous sign …)

We took part in the Marsden 10 Mile Challenge, which starts in the village then heads over towards Meltham and back along the Wessenden Valley. Essentially following the flanks of the Shooters Nab : West Nab ‘massif’. (Maybe not a massif as such but I’m not actually sure how to describe this extruded saddle shaped area of the moors).

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Mooching above Meltham – a jaunt up West Nab

West Nab rocks Meltham Hike

West Nab above Wessenden Valley and Meltham

I didn’t have time for a big walk this weekend but I did want to check out a ‘peak’ which might form part of my half-baked Marsden 3 (or possibly 5) Peaks walk which I fancy doing at some point. I say ‘peak’ like ‘that’ because they’re aren’t really any peaks, in a mountainous sense, near to me. There are high enough spots to get a trig point and to command some great views – and to be really challenging in sometimes atrocious weather – but they’re not that Peaky.

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Meanderthal man out fossil hunting and deer watching

I haven’t been doing much more than meander on my walks of late. That’s less about the weather and more a lack of time. But I’m supposed to be getting myself geared up for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, so a week or so ago I set off with son Joe with a vague plan to head to Pule Hill (highest place … read more >

Dog and I do The Marsden /@lauracranetrust 10 mile challenge

Mountain runner friend Steve asked me on Friday night if I fancied doing the Marsden 10 mile challenge on the Sunday. I took a sip of my Guiness and asked “running?”. “No, there’s a walking part to it, two groups”.. phew. As it turned out it there were about 10 runners and 50 or so walkers/hikers and the entrance fee on the day when … read more >