Marsden 10 mile challange

The Marsden 10 Mile Challenge Hike

Hot on the (blistered) heels of The Ridgeway trail hike, I did a shortish walk this weekend with friends Taru and Jenny.

Walkers Hikers Caution Sign
Caution Walkers! (Jenny and Taru interpreting an ambiguous sign …)

We took part in the Marsden 10 Mile Challenge, which starts in the village then heads over towards Meltham and back along the Wessenden Valley. Essentially following the flanks of the Shooters Nab : West Nab ‘massif’. (Maybe not a massif as such but I’m not actually sure how to describe this extruded saddle shaped area of the moors).

I maybe should have given the┬ácouple of blisters I’d developed on the Ridgeway more of a rest but a chance to be social and do some more training was too good to miss. And the weather was great!

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