Kit Review – Jack Wolfskin Ultravision Softshell

This is the last kit review for 2014 and it’s actually a ‘local’ one in that I was contacted by Outdoor World who are a Huddersfield-based outdoors retailer (they serve the whole of the UK though, via the website at Outdoor World Direct).

They sent me a Jack Wolfskin Softshell – a new style for 2014/2015 called ‘Ultravision’ (not sure why it’s called that). The jacket is apparently the lightest one in the winter range but is still windproof and water resistant (rather than rain proof).

Jack Wolfskin Ultravision Kit Review Hike test
On one of my jaunts above Marsden (near Shooters Nab in this case). The Ultravision Softshell keeping me nicely warm. Grizzly holiday beard = model’s own.


I have actually worn it in the rain but as a mid layer. And as a mid layer it’s not great to be frank as it doesn’t have venting built in. But as an outer layer, to hit the hills on a cold (but dry) day, it has been great. I’ve been out for a few hours over the past 3 weeks where it has worked well and been really comfortable.

It is actually breathable as a outer layer / softshell jacket and the fleece liner makes for a comfortable jacket.

It’s also a pretty stylish jacket – way more stylish than the grizzly chap wearing it in the photo above! And the side pockets are pretty generous, enough room for scooby snacks for the dog, my phone and gloves.

I’ve seen prices vary from £70 – £100. Actually, Outdoor World seem to have one of the best prices for it. Well worth a look as a softshell outer.

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