Kit Review – Target Dry Titanium Xtreme Waterproof Fleece

I was contacted by Target Dry Just before I headed off to Harris and Lewis for a week of hills hiking and coastal walks (post coming soon). Which was really good timing, as the Target Dry Titanium Waterproof Fleece / jacket that they supplied – FOC for review – fast became a staple for the week.

I had (being kind) ‘inclement’ weather most of the time: low cloud, rain, sleet and snow. And even when it was sunny it was chilly. Whilst I wore a few layers and my padded winter coat in the snowiest (blizzard at one point) and coldest conditions, most of my jaunts were with this fleece on. It acted as a top layer with just a merino base layer beneath it. It’s become my new favourite top and was worn permanently around the campsite.

The fleece jacket has a breathable membrane in between the fleece and inner liner, which (as the product info says) keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. I can attest that that’s true. There’s an integral / concealed hood in the collar, which I made full use of! I had the Large size and it’s a generous cut, so you can get a couple of layers on under it if you need to. Although with just my merino long sleeve base layer, it was more than warm enough (and the islands were chilly pretty much all week).

halfwayhike Target Dry Waterproof Fleece review
Camera on timer .. not a happy looking model although I was actually in high spirits at the campsite, supping my morning coffee.


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