Kit Review – @Kitshack – SueMe bamboo Tee

Before I headed off to Harris and Lewis I was contacted by Anth at KitShack, who asked me if I wanted to try out one of the products from the online shop. I was after a new wicking / base layer T Shirt, so that was good timing: within a couple of days I was sent the SueMe Arctic Moss Force Of Nature bamboo Tee.

I’ve bought a couple of bamboo shirts before and I know that its natural antibacterial properties mean you can wear a base layer for a bit longer. And it needs washing less often – so, great for my trip. The Tee is from the SueMe clothing brand (one of the brands that KitShack sell online). The Tee is a mixed material: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% organic cotton. I think I’m right in saying that bamboo materials are overall less environmentally damaging than pure cotton products – e.g in terms of production and finishing (as well as being better from a hiking / wicking point of view).

Kit Review SueMe bamboo T Shirt
Not the best photo.. but camera on timer and I was conscious of being close to the edge of a crumbly cliff (near Port Nis on Lewis)

In any case, it was a comfortable ‘silky’ material to wear and it feels robust and well made. I liked the graphic design (see photo), the finish and also the brand’s ethos* and I subsequently ordered (e.g paid for, before you ask) an XL as the L was a tad clingy for me, (the shame) and gave son Joe the Large.

*I like the idea that with each product shipped, a small packet of bamboo seeds of a clumping / non-spreading variety is supplied. So yo​u​ get some nice plants in the garden to offset carbon from shipping etc. Good work, SueMe.

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