Running the Great Himalaya Trail

No not me .. Nepal looks amazing but sadly it’s not me there.. I’m posting this for a couple of reasons that I’ll detail in a moment.

Yes it’s a bit of a curious post for me (in that it’s about running and I’m no runner):

I was contacted by the Berghaus folks with an infographic they have produced about ‘The Ultimate Trail’ – which one of their athletes (Philippe Gatta) is in the process of completing.

Philippe and at times his wife Anna are running an insane (to me)  40 marathons in 40 days… across the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail.  An amazing challenge!

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The Penguin Wayfarer initiative with @journeysinbtwn – worth tagging along..

Penguin Wayfarer - A Journey on Foot
Photo comes from A Journey On Foot website/blog (taken by @journeysinbtwn I would think).

I came across the Penguin Wayfarer project through some research I was doing for a client (although not with my Hiker hat on as such) and I though both the approach to promoting an outdoors / walking book and the entries to the competition that the promotion centered on, were excellent. More of that (from an online marketing practitioner point of view) on t’other blog  here : mark kelly digital consultancy.

This is just a short post, pointing out what I think is a great walking blog (if you haven’t already seen it).

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Walkers Are Welcome path survey in Marsden

I’ve been helping out on the Walkers Are Welcome initiative, by surveying a little patch of England near to me, to check that all the paths, stiles, gates and access points are as they should be. I didn’t get a sheriffs badge but I did get a nice big map. And a sense of community spirit. The map I was allocated covered … Keep reading >

Fog, Bog and Slog – The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Hike

Coming off Whernside - Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Well, the Yorkshire 3 peaks was a game of 2 halves for  sure. The morning, starting at Horton in Ribblesdale at 6.30 a.m (actually, starting at 3.30 a.m at home) was shrouded in misty fog (one above mist but just below thick fog if you know what I mean) and drizzle. Which continued up and over Pen-Y-Ghent and up to … Keep reading >

South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival – Sept 2012

Just a quick post about an outdoors festival taking place in the South Pennines area (north UK for my USA friends) in September. I just got an email update about it and there looks to be loads on for every type of outdoorsy person. The events  run between 8th and 23rd September 2012.. you can get more info here : And for my specific micro-area (Marsden … Keep reading >